The Boys are Back in Town

Posted on Apr 8th 2017

"The Boys are Back in Town" A still image of a large boar earlier this evening in northern Grand Teton NP as he trudges through deep snow while following 610's scent.

"Evening Stroll" selected for the cover of the Jackson Hole Explorer magazine

I am pleased to announce that one of my red fox images, "Evening Stroll," was selected for the cover of the 2017/2018 Jackson Hole Explorer magazine.

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Just an Owl on a Post

No deep dark political message - just a post about an owl on a post in this post about an owl...and the Tetons. With the receding snow and advent of spring the great gray's are scouring pastures every evening. It's a great time to be here.

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Spring is Springing

Driving the length of the Tetons today, the immutable stirrings of spring were about, perhaps like a youngster grudgingly waking for school: Songbirds were flitting about, most of the streams and rivers have escaped their icy sheath and are beginning to flow and animals are beginning to move about again. A few bison have returned [...]

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