Oxbow Bend - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Winter has come early to Grand Teton National Park this particular October. As times get lean for these coyotes they get the idea that taking fish from the river otters is bright idea. In this image, the coyotes have decided to force the issue and not let the otters on to the river bank. The otter with the fish heads to the back while the alpha otter confronts the three coyotes (one is off camera to the left). After a few tense moments of threat displays the alpha otter attacks the alpha coyote. I hear the alpha coyote yelping while it tries to evade the otter before retreating up the gully behind it at full tilt with its tail between its legs. The two remaining coyotes watch their leader in full retreat, look at each for a moment as if to say, "What just happened" before also retiring from the bank of the river and letting the otters get on with breakfast. 3667



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