Jack Bayles is a self-taught conservation photographer from eastern Idaho. Jack took to photography as a young child, spending his annual allowance in a day’s visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Rekindling his passion for photography in his mid-20’s Jack soon found his focus in the myriad subjects in the Rocky Mountains.

Turning professional in the mid-2000’s Jack continued to hone his craft with new subjects throughout North America, Europe and Africa while remaining close to his beloved American West.

Having dabbled in art shows beginning in 2010, Jack graduated to a full-time photographer in the spring of 2012 and quickly established himself as a regular award winner on the art show circuit.

Jack and his wife, Gina, work together as they exhibit at art shows full-time in the western U.S. Jack and Gina moved to eastern Idaho in 2015 to be closer to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. They are beginning to offer tours and workshops in addition to exhibiting at select art shows and keynote speaking.

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